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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HydroAxe In The Hundred Acre Woods

I shot some drone video last week while watching the machinery at work cutting down the trees along the road on the North line of the hundred acre woods. And since drone video is silent I thought I'd add a little music. Recorded way back in the winter of 1955-56. My uncles and some neighbours making some music. I need to do some editing on the audio but for now, this will have to do.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How Did We Get To This Point?

I know I'm being non progressive and old fashioned but the thought of running my farm on a computer controlled  tractor is not something  I want to  do.  This recent news  story shows  just how crazy it can get when you can't  fix or  adjust anything  on your tractor because the computer software in it is still the intellectual property of the company that sold  it to you. This is not me
But for anybody efficient and  progressive enough that can't farm with 25 year old equipment, I guess this is the way it has to be.
On the other hand, I do accept new  technology in the form of drones :-) They are great for checking  out the fields and  crops from above. And things certainly do look different from up there. Learning to fly is an ongoing learning experience. For some unknown reason the gimbal quit "gimbaling" on mine while flying  this weekend. This is the mechanism that adjusts the camera lens up or down according to my commands. But it quit responding. After a rest and battery recharge, plus a little manual working of the gimbal, it seemed back to normal for the next flight. I was able to get some video without flying into the trees or driving the Merc into the ditch so it was a good day.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Passing a John Deere

Its not often we see a combine on the road in March here in Sask. but I caught up to this one today. Probably on the way back from the dealer's Green light service or something.

In other news, our Hundred Acre Woods I often refer to, is getting a little smaller each day this week. The municipality has the theory that the trees along the road were shading too much and preventing the road from drying out. So the cutting machine is working away taking down a 30-40 foot strip of trees along the full mile. Personally I think its a waste of time and the tax payer's money but who are we to stand in the way of progress and better roads.

Monday, March 20, 2017

New Brake Hoses For The Merc

More messing about with the Mercury. The Rock Auto front brake hoses arrived in good time by mail and I had to try one on just to see if it fit. It did. I even went the extra mile and replaced the cracked up Michelin XW4 tire with a much better Cooper Discover tire from my used inventory. The car is getting safer all the time. That new back seat installation is kind of dragging. I've got it set in proper position but have yet to make brackets to bolt the seat down.

This first day of spring was not too inspiring to get out and work on it . That wind was wild again and the odd bit of snow mixed with it.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Way Up There

Recent changes to the rules for recreational drone users due to increased incidents of drone/airplane collisions. Or something like that. I guess it is no surprise that a few careless or irresponsible operators have caused problems and the rules had to be tightened up to affect us all. They say you can't fly within 9 km of an airport which is no problem for me being out in the middle of nowhere. I might see one plane a week fly over and usually well above drone flying altitude.
Rules also state we can't fly above 90 metres. (about 300 feet). I guess that is not a huge problem because for most photography that is more than high enough. But these things will actually fly up to over 2000 feet altitude so you might guess that some of us would have to test the limits.
And 245 feet is the limit to how close you can fly to a building. Again, it is good to live in the middle of nowhere.

In other news, its warming up and the snow is melting. One of these days I might actually have to start working again.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Nice Day

So why not move some more snow. And make a video of it. The wild, insane Northwest wind  put up a few hard drifts in places  that needed  to be cleared. The driveway was swept clean down to the sand and gravel.  Since then we have had nothing but strong South East winds. And cold. Today was the first day above freezing  for over a week.
That new  calf turned  out to be a heifer. I've let it and the cow out to join  the herd and they are getting along  good. All 8 of them.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Karl's New Chevy

Thats my Dad's uncle Charlie (Karl) Hobetzeder in his new 1928 Chevy. Cousin Ivy in the back seat. It was a big step up from horse and democrat travelling the 12 miles to town. It would have been a big expense on a small farm but I'm guessing part or all of the money came from an inheritance from a relative in England. 
"Aunt King" as she was referred to , Harriet King as her name appears in the will, (yes I have a copy of it). Quite interesting to read how the estate funds were divided up in various fractions to all the surviving relatives and descendents. I should look it up to get the actual numbers . Although it would be in British pounds which would not mean much to me. 
Anyway, Charlie had good service out of the Chevy right up to the post war years when he replaced the tired old 28 with a 47 Chev. I think the old 28 was showing it's age by that time. It had survived at least one roll over with no major structural damage. In fact the story goes that they were able to get it back on it's wheels and continue the journey. Tough old car. 
This photo shows Ivy and her dad beside the 28 Chev sometime during the war years. Can't quite read the license plate.