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Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunset Drive and More

Its way late to be posting videos but I lost a couple of hours due to a "crash dump" of the laptop and it took a bunch of system restore, spybot,crap cleaner, etc to get started again.

I wanted to post an example of my first attempt at the follow me feature of the drone. After figuring out what I had been doing wrong I find it works quite well now. Warmer weather helps too. Frozen fingers do not work well on the control panel. No crashes or actual frostbite yet. More to come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Distracted Drone Driving

Its a good thing this video was shot on a private road with no traffic to deal with. I gained some flying experience and got some exercise walking a mile.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Merc Park Lights

No, thats not my car in the cover photo. Just a short video I shot yesterday opening up the mail package containing park lights and housings for the 52 Mercury. A big thanks to the sender as these will improve the appearance of the front of the Merc. Who knows, I might even have working park lights eventually. Way too cold to spend much time on it now, but one of these days.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Day Tradition

Seems it has been a tradition for longer  than I remember for the family to gather here for a meal to mark the start of a new year. As seen in this old photo from about 40 years ago. Only two survive from that photo. Although  the missing ones have been replaced by younger  members, friends that are almost family. Seems we still have about the same number around the table for 2017.
There may have been occasions when the weather/roads forced moving the date of the gathering a week or so later.
Our weather continues it's roller coaster ride of above to below normal temps. The snow is below normal but just enough  to keep everything white without needing to shovel much.
-30F this morning but it had warmed up to -15F when I took a few aerial photos.
The smoke in the photo is from a pile of burning branches I had gathered through the summer. I figured this cold weather was the best time to work at burning them and keeping warm too.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Learning To Fly The Autel

My first attempt at editing some of the Autel drone video I have been shooting. It is a lot more work than it should be. The video files won't open in my normal windows movie maker program so I have to download a converter program to make the videos work. Maybe there are better editing programs out there but I've always used windows movie maker and know it well. Best of all it was free.

Oil Change In The Merc

47 years on an oil filter must be record of some kind. Not many miles on it but almost a lifetime of years. The old Varcon filter looked as good as new but I dropped in a new Fleetguard filter along with the new engine oil to keep the old flathead V8 healthy. Road test coming up when the weather is nicer.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Rear Shocks On The Merc

I finally got the new rear shocks installed on the Merc in November/December. Some days were just too cold to work out on the cement floor at 0F degrees. I recorded some of the highlights as it would have been a several hour movie to watch if I'd recorded the whole thing. It is uploaded in HD. I don't know if that makes a noticeable difference to the video quality but it was a much bigger file than normal and took over an hour to upload to youtube.
Had it out for a short test drive yesterday and can't say I noticed much difference. But I know the rear axle will be more securely attached to the rest of the car with two new shocks.
In other news I've got the auxiliary wall unit gas heater working in the house again. The first guys still haven't returned my call but the one I called this morning was here and had it fixed within 4 hours of the call. I'll know who to call next time. And who not to.